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#Crystal Pearl
#Crystal Pearl

Russian Pre-Bonded Flat Tipped Hair #Crystal Pearl

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#Crystal Pearl

Royal-Quality Russian Hair is hand selected hairline which originates from Caucasian countries and is collected from a single donor (single cut). Highly demanded in today's competitive market as Russian Hair possesses a very silky, soft and delicate texture like a baby hair. One particular fact that the hair comes in a naturally wavy structure and every single process undergone with a bunch of hair is individually approached and processed without mixing up each donated bundles with each other, therefore the hair maintains its natural organics and cuticles intact to ensure the longevity and natural condition. 

Regarding Keratin Glue Grains, El-Milano stands out as being a sole applier of Italian Glue Grains on bonds to make sure the tips form a strong and sturdy connection between the hair extension and the hair of the user. Most importantly, the stylist will not have any difficulty when installing the extension since Keratin Glue is easily melted and leaves any sticky remains behind it for the best convenience.

"Italian Glue applied is allergic-free and user-friendly"

 Available the following Bonds:

  • Flat-Tip
  • I-Tip
  • V-Tip
  • U-Tip